Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The last hurdle

Nearly a year after starting my blog, I've reach the final hurdle of my aptly titled "Running for Macmillan" blog  having completed all the runs that I'd set out to do, I was planning to close my Virgin Money Giving websire  just before Christmas

I'd stupidly tried to encourage people to sponsor me by saying I'd wear my teams (West Bromwich Albions) Arch rivals (Wolverhampton Wanderers) shirt. this did encourage people to  sponsor me. Wearing the Wolves shirt was bad enough, But AGAIN stupidly I thought that if I set another goal then i'd get more sponsor!
This time I put my legs on the line, offering to get them WAXED!!!

I contacted Joanne Peate at the Graduate Academy hair and beauty salon at Walsall College who organised for me to get my legs done!

So on the 15th Feb during my lunch break My better half & I went to the college to get the deed done!  I've skydived  but I was more nervous about this than about jumping out at 13,000 ft.
Luckily Rebecca Robinson and Michelle Duckhouse were there to look after me & administer the pain! Which they really enjoyed!

I think they enjoyed a man feeling what women go through for the sake of beauty.

The first few strips made me yelp! what was painful was when they pulled the strips and there was still hairs attached  to my legs that really hurt!!

But 30 mins later I had silky legs, but only up to the knee, from the knee up i still look like chewbacca! because there was NO WAY they were going higher!!

Oh the things you do for charity.

the only good thing that came from the leg wax was that I raised another £50 for Macmillan.

So my total (23/2/12) is £635.20 not too bad for a fat ginger bloke running a bit!!

Even though I'm nearly finished "Running for Macmillan" I don't think I'll finish this blog. Maybe I'll find a new charity to run for, but I'll still put my ramblings on her maybe to keep my mind clear or maybe to show people that I'm just a tad mad.

Well Goals achieved.................Now for the next challenge!!!!

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