About me!

Reason for the rambles

I’ve always enjoyed running, there have been HUGE caps between these times though. The reason like many people of my age for getting into this pastime is the expanse of my waste line. Having spent 7 years running a pub doing 60-90 hour weeks, this kept the weight in balance, my diet far from healthy consisted of egg mayo sandwiches & cheese & onion crisps. But over the last 3 years having moved out of the pub game, bought a house, became a father & got a new job, also gaining new pets in the shape of 4 chickens. Working 9-5 & sitting at a computer, doesn’t seem to done me any favours. Pre size 32” waist post 34-36” waist.Watching Eddie Izzard take part in his extraordinary running feat for sport relief, gave me the spur to get of my arse & run. I set out on my first run & 5 minutes later I was back in the house, in pain & feelings o dejected. Working within a University structure & working with sport tutors. I harangued them for help. One of the tutors Andy Lane forwarded me loads of interesting advice & also the link for Audiofuel. http://www.audiofuel.co.uk/   A company who produce music to run to. Trying their free running sample I put away my Homemade running playlist, I set out with the Audiofuel tracks. It worked slowly my distance & how long I could run for improved. I set my first big race was the 10k sport relief race earning sponsorship not only with running the 10k but wearing a wolves shirt as a West Bromwich Albion fan, its something that would not happen, I wouldn’t usually wipe my bottom with that material let alone run in it.This led me to another run the Aldridge 10k & the biggest challenged (running) I’ve faced the Wolves half marathon which I ran in a 2:09.   November saw all the start of the bad weather & my slip from running.  My willpower to run didn’t kick in till January, but its back & hopefully the shin splints & other injuries will keep away.To spur me on in my endeavours I will be running for Macmillan Nurses, Running
6th March 2011 Reindeer Run - Dudley Zoo/Castle 10k run
12th June 2011Aldridge 10K Sunday
2nd July 2011 Birmingham and Black Country Half-Marathon
4th September 2011 Wolverhampton Half-Marathon
Writing this blog I hope this kicks my ass to keep on adding the miles & achieve the goals of raising as much cash as possible for a great cause.