A little of what you've got with a little of what you want!
Running on a budgets never the best! But with a mortgage, partner, child etc banging  £100 on trainers Isn’t an option, when last seasons will do nicely.. My kit at moment consists

Brooks Glycerin 7 : £40                                         Sony Ericcson C950 running the Endomondo App

Garmin forerunner 50 watch running pod & heart rate monitor £50 on Ebay

Runners World £4.50
Forget top shelf material, Can't do without this! keeps me motivated through the darkest days! lol

But if I could what would I pick??

I'm torn between stopping with Garmin, who I do feel produce a wonderful product. However the new Nike+ with Tom Tom GPS. It just looks sexy! (even though I've never been a fan of NIKIE)
The New Nike
On-watch features include:
• Tap Screen for setting laps and activating back light
• Run History with data from past runs
• Personal Records including those imported from Nikeplus.com
• Run Reminders that appear after five days if a run has not been logged
• Post-run acknowledgement and encouragement

But then the Garmin Forerunner 310XT is a very lovely piece of kit! I'm not into the big bulky watches, but this I'd happily strap this to my wrist. (I know the Garmin Forerunner 405  is the upgrade but this one looks so much nicer!)

OH HAPPY DAYS!! Having just learned that the Samsung Galaxy S2 will be out in April 2011, this  has made me a VERY HAPPY BOY. I've been waiting to upgrade my Sony Ericsson c905(Which has been a great servant to me) since early 2010. Every time  I've decided upon a new phone (excluding the iphone Don't know why I don't like it) A better one has been just coming out, HTC's, Galaxy S Sony ARC, I love having a camera on my phone having a young daughter it's always good to have something that captures the moment wherever that may be. The C905 has always done that  with its 8.1 megapixel camera, all the others have only been 3- 5MP so the SGS2 has everything i need plus APPS, Oh so looking forward to being able to load up Running APPS for my phone & may be a little of Angry Birds. 


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