Even though I seem to be thinking about running lots, there are other  things that i like to do when not wearing Lycra and red faced!
Prior to December 07, I used to run a pub  in Walsall working 60-90 hours a week, so didn't have much time to other things.

But since then I have a partner, a daughter, a job working with students within a University. Now when i had the pub running around all day kept the weight  in check (Sort of) but since leaving  getting a desk job, this didn't help with my waist line. Hence me starting running again.

My other love apart from my Daughter & Partner is food, i love to cook & most days when i finish work, I'll be cooking the family dinner.

Gigs/Music: i may be closer to 40 than I'd care to believe, but i still love music & going to gigs. I still prefer going to small gigs than big venues/stadiums. Though  Jamiroquai last week (April) was very good.

Chickens: Last year a few friends were talking about how they were keeping chickens, which led to me getting 2 ex-battery hens, the poor girls were in a right state when we purchased them, but they got better & 6 months ago we got another 2 hens, now Camilla, Priscilla, Maud & Mildred have the run of the garden much to the displeasure of my partner & her lovely garden, but to the pleasure of my daughter  who loves to chase & feed "The Girls". Plus they do produce the best eggs.

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