Sunday, 12 June 2011

Legs of an old cart hoss*

*Midlands slang for horse
Before any race i usually try & get myself ready by giving myself a few days rest pre-race to  make sure i get enough sleep, & be fully ready to go!  The last couple of weeks have been manic at work & also with #Juneathon, I was battered, Though i was looking forward to the Aldridge 10k & wanted to beat last years time!  

So falling asleep on the sofa & having a couple of hours sleep isn't the best. Then to wake up & see black clouds & the heavens open is a real downer. But I was still going to run. So with the family in toe we got there about 20 minutes before the start then with the arrival of  the mother-in law & nephew put a smile on a rather wet face.
Music & Endomondo App was ready with the sound of the Klaxon I turned to see the family waving me off.

Even though it was raining the first couple of km seemed to go OK, i could feel my legs ache but the music was working & I didn't feel to bad. Between  mile 4-5 the road incline increased dramatically. Last year they beat me but this year i didn't stop running. But it took all my effort to do this i was physically beat. I couldn't even eat a sweet to give me some energy.

Then trying to drink some water from the water station was comical. As it was raining my family were going to go back to the in laws, then comeback for the end. But unknown to me they had stopped around and were there cheering me on. This had a bit of a win / lose effect on me. Win as it was lovely to see them cheer me on.. Lose as it gave me a massive emotional punch in the gut. Trying to stay focused i willed myself on. Katy B tracks came on which helped to push me on. Also the wolves fan in front helped as being a West Brom fan i needed to beat him, Childish Yes, but a lovely bit of motivation.

The last few km  were difficult  as I was getting a pain in my knee that I've never had before. (Writing this hours later my knee is still sore & hope that this isn't a new ailment) it wasn't a step climb but a constant climb. It must of seemed strange to the other runners, me saying "Strong" "Keep running" just trying to keep my tired body going. At 9km i was getting tired then got hit by a massive stitch which just took it out of me. Even with such a short distance to go, I had to walk... taking some deep breaths I got my self back running looking at my watch i could see that i was close to my PB, so even in pain. I kept running.

The last 400 yard's of the run takes you across the cricket pitch. I had to keep pushing myself along. Whilst looking for my family.
As i rounded the last corner i saw them running over to my daughter i picked her up & carried her with me to cross the finish line together.
One second there was a moment of adulation in completing the race & having my daughter with me to do it.....the next........ I blew my ring...I've ran hard before but never to the point of being sick. I didn't feel ashamed of what happened just had too explain to my daughter that "Daddy had to spit some water."

I will need to look at my time as my watch shows 55:41which is from when i crossed the start & finish line & the endomondo app time which is longer as i had to shut it off  after I'd finished being sick. Then there was the offical time of 56:21  (But I'm not sure if this was from the siren or from when i crossed the line) 
Then it was back to the in laws house for a change of clothes & a much needed cup of tea.

Aldridge 10k race & Juneathon Day 12: DONE!!

Endomondo Running Workout: "was out running 6.05 miles in 56m:52s using Endomondo."


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