Monday, 30 May 2011


I always loved was something you could do by yourself, and under your own power. You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs. Jesse Owens
They say running is 90% mental & 10% physical I truly believe this!! as I’ve been able to run non-stop for 13.1 miles during this years  Lichfield half marathon  when there are times when running for 20 minutes feels like climbing Everest  last week was a case in point.  On a recent run having finished work I was  feeling  confident about going  out. Then within 10 minutes of being out I hit a wall, I just felt completely battered maybe I wasn’t listening to the right music (I was listening to an the 10 O’clock podcast) this usually keeps me on tack. But I couldn’t get into it. I manged to run for about 10 mins before my first stop then it was walk run walk run. I think I walked more than I ran (Or felt that way) finally completing 5.26miles in 59 minutes.

Take last Sunday (22nd May) I was a little tired as I started, then a wave of determination & excitement took over after 3 miles I decided to change my original route going in a direction that I’d not been before & also wasn’t sure of where it would lead. It was  sunny afternoon and I felt OK.   
I love my Sunday runs! Time with the family then a couple of hours to myself running.  I never know where I’m going to run I’ll spend ages deliberating which route to take as I get very bored and can’t run the same place time & time again! 

I finally made my mind up which run I was going to take ( I was still deciding whilst starting the run)  but 3 miles in I came to a cross roads and decided that I didn’t fancy the way I was going & headed off in the opposite way! Heading through park land enjoying the views whilst listening to the football commentary (Last game of the season, my teams local rivals were fighting to survive in the premiership) As I ran along the track, I could see the road following at the bottom so as I reached the edge I rejoined the road. Thinking that I’d just be able to cut back to where I knew, I kept plodding on enjoying the emotions of the games as each goal scored resulted in the switching of teams in the relegation zone! High drama indeed. (If you like football) arriving at the top of the hill I saw no road to take me where I wanted to go! I had to keep on going! (I’m too stubborn to go back)
As you can see from the GPS tracking I mile 4-5 was OK then I came to a T-junction with only one choice GO RIGHT!
Endomondo Running Workout: "was out running 11.84 miles in 2h:12m:24s using Endomondo."
As  the photo’s show the road went on & on & on!  I had no idea where I was, just hoping that everything would come right!!  Another day & I think I would be panicking more but I was feeling strong & the Blues (Birmingham city) had been relegated so was quiet please eventually I saw a sign post that gave me some clue of where I was.  (Just after mile 7)

Bugger I wasn’t as close to home as I’d hope but what else can you do? But at least I knew where i was, be it miles 5 miles fro home!! Had I been running in the pouring rain or had my mood not been so positive we would be talking about completely different run! (We maybe an SOS to the other half to pick me up) But the weather & landscape was beautiful. Plus I’d hit my stride & just kept one foot in front of the other.

I've said before I do live by some beautiful countryside & think these pictures prove this!

IS IT ME! Or do other runners get tired and demotivated the closer they are to home. With the last two miles left I became a mental struggle to keep going
Finally I arrived home tired with a bright red tinge to my face! And calves screaming at the bad man who made them work!!

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