Friday, 6 May 2011

13.2 miles whose silly idea was that?

Sunday Morning came far too quickly; My early night (to get enough sleep) didn’t go as planned, as a late one was had sorting out my play list.
But the Morning came and after letting the chickens out. They do love to make some noise if they don’t get let out!! I have the loudest hens in the world. (yeah must think their cockerels)  After making a scan of the garden they’ll sit on the patio door pecking the glass wanting to come into the house & if you give them a chance they do!
Breakfast needed to be sorted & my favourite bagel with peanut butter on one half & a poached egg on the other.(Freshly laid by the hens)
Getting ready is always bad enough but trying to get my 3 year old ready as well especially as Dora the Explorer was on. IMPOSSIBLE!Kit ready & everyone loaded in the car we set off.
Usually I don’t get nervous about a run, but with this race my nerves really kicked in. My shin splints were giving me some pain. The day before I was running late for the WBA v Villa game, so ran to the ground (only about a mile) but after that short distance I defiantly felt the effects
We turned up at the event, the sun was out but there was a slight chill in the air. We found people all over the place warming up getting excited for the up-coming race. Having my daughter there took the nerves away a little, she always brings me great joy, seeing her running around with a big smile on her face.
There were some comical moment, as there were only two portaloos & two standing urinals,  which are great idea as there quick to use but slightly embarrassing going when they positioned them right where you’ve got a queue of people waiting to use the loos.
With the pain in my leg troubling me, the organisers had arranged sports masseurs to be in attendance & as it was free I took the opportunity to get it looked at. Craig from OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE SPORTS INJURY CLINIC. Sorted the ache in my legs out, with the bonus that they work near to where I live so I know where to go now when my legs are in bits.

I’d just finished having my leg seen to when they gave the 2 minute countdown. This isn’t that long when you’re trying to sort your music / tracking & putting your socks on.

The race was started by a John Dawson, 73, who’s ran 370 marathons, which is an extraordinary achievement.  I wasn’t expecting a fast race, I just wanted to complete the distance without stopping.
We were off with my daughter cheering me at the start line. The 10 O’clock show podcast starting me off.  There was a nice turn out of spectators for this first Lichfield half marathon, all cheering and urging the runners on giving us encouragement & much needed confidence, especially the village of Whittington. Which seemed to have come out on mass to support the runners. As I was wearing my Macmillan vest with my name it was nice to hear people calling my name but also slightly embarrassing.  Having  people cheer you on gives you a lovely feeling & those running niggles disappear.
It was getting very warm and as such needed to start on the SIS energy gels & lucozade fluid intake. Luckily the water station weren’t too far away. One household had a great way of keeping us cool. The kids had water soakers.

The organisers KPevents had sorted a great route for the half, the Lichfield countryside was beautiful with golden fields & blue skies. I was keeping track of my pace keeping it about 9 -9½ min miles. So I hoped.  the foot  pod seemed to be showing  my distance further than the actual distance)  miles 5-10 really flew by Jamie Cullum, Katy B, Beastie boys kept my mood happy & the gels must of kicked in as I was feeling good, (the massage pre-race helped also)
Mile 10 started to get a little tougher a long straight & then mile 11 turned into a struggle the route started to incline and became a twisting & undulating. I couldn’t let myself stop, as if I did, this would have been the start of the end.  My calves were starting to feel tight,  I felt if I stopped they’d explode. 
These remaining last miles were hard to do mostly uphill with a couple of downhill sections making the last turn was a wonderful moment seeing the 13 mile marker  was a blessing but also threw up another emotional wall. During my first half last September  my partner & daughter missed me crossing the line as I’d ran a quicker than expected race. Again I thought I’d be there before them. (I wanted to pick my daughter up & carry her across the line with me) Running along the last 200 metres I was scanning the crowd for them.

Crossing the line in 2:12:28 there was a feeling of happiness & sadness as I’d not seen them. But then I heard my daughter calling "Daddy" a wonderful wave of emotion swept over me, picking my daughter up she gave me the biggest cuddle, I felt my legs tremble (I assume it was fatigued & not emotion) I took her hand & she walked with me to pick up my runners  pack.
Endomondo Running Workout: "was out running 12.84 miles in 2h:13m:15s using Endomondo."

This pack was very nice a draw string bag with energy gels food; drink sachet & squeezy  (As standard)
I survived my first half of the year, Then took my daughter to the park for a go on the slide & to have a run around.

Walking around my toes felt funny , hoping that my toenails were still attached I gingerly peeled my socks off to be relieved that everything was in place.
Having endured 2 hrs. of running I changed in the car & then went straight to a 1st birthday party. After a few hours I didn’t know which one had tired me out the most running 13.2 miles or going on the bouncy castle with my 3year old.

Now back to training for the next  half marathon in July the Black Country half.

I have to acknowledge the Lichfield blog  & runner-photo for their great photos that I've shamelessly swiped their pics.

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  1. Well done! I choked up a bit then when I read about you searching for your daughter at the finish! I bet she was really proud of her daddy!