Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Working within a student office for a Uni, does have some benefits. As I'm attached  to the Sports department, I have been hounding them for help to try & improve my running.

So Last Friday Dr Matthew Wyon  & Dave Williams invited me down to the lab for what was said to be max 30 minute test.This turned out to be an hour of testing & running. If i wasn't working then this wouldn't have been a problem but as it was 11am on Friday, I was panicking a little about about what would be said back at the office. However  all was well when I returned, (Good job my boss were OK about it)

I turned up ready to run with my Garmin HRM Pod & watch but had to put their POLAR HRM on as this was linked up to the computers & treadmill.
I did feel like a bit of a traitor, using another companies HRM. Your either Xbox or Playstation or Commodore 64 or Spectrum (Old school reference)

I had to be weighed & have my height checked i was surprised as i was the just under 12 stone as i thought  I was heavier. We then got down tot he task in hand. They got me running to a steady 9 min mile pace for 5 minutes to get  my base readings.

I'd been having aches from my shins lately so was pleased that i wasn't feeling any pain
Then came the Star Wars moment,  rigging me up in a harness (In case I  fell over when they boosted the speed)

I was merely thinking that they were just going to check my heart rate & running style, I wasn't expecting this
thing they produced a not a gimp mask this wasn't some crazy scene from pulp fiction. 

They linked up a oxygen  mask to me (I felt like Darth Vader  & HAD to make the "I am your FATHER!" comment. Then they started the test, starting at a steady space, then every minute increasing  the speed.  hate  running on treadmills as it just doesn't feel right! but wanted to prove that i could keep the pace and get the best results from the tests. blasting till the test was over, happy that I finished strong & didn't need the harness to catch me.

After we'd finished and I'd got my breath back the tutors discussed my running style. At my slow pace my left leg was fine but my right was kicking out. but at the faster pace the running style was a lot better. Matt also commented that i was doing the as he called it British run style Toe -Knee Hip where the toe kicks out first where in fact it should be the opposite where the hip then knee to toe as. By changing my style or running correctly this will increase the length in my stride but also as i won't be stamping my foot down I'll be able to increase the propulsion & lift.

Hopefully this will get me to my target of a sub 2hr half marathon.
The results aren't in yet but once they are i will be putting them on her for all to see! If the fat lady can run & if you can still be tubby but fit!

I would like to take the opportunity of thanking Dr Matthew Wyon  & Dave Williams from the University of Wolverhampton for their time!

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