Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Another week, another run

A manic weekend was had by all in my household as it was my daughters 3rd Birthday, Friday night was a house full of family, Saturday saw the house  overrun by screaming children demanding pass the parcel, pop,  cakes  and crisps,  throw in magic tricks & balloon folding and a couple of hours later every one  is away the kids sugared up to the max.    
After moving my partners uncle into his new  flat I managed to go out for a run. This time I didn’t get lost. My stamina is improving as I didn’t need to stop for 4 miles, then with just a 30 second walk before I set off again. The run would of got a lot smoother & quicker had the end of the waterway not be cut off by fences  as there was massive construction work going on. This took a while to navigate a way around the construction site.  Just over 9 miles & 1hr 40mins later I complete my run.
Satisfied that my pace, stamina are improving & that any upcoming races will not feel such an uphill battle. I just need to hope that I can remain injury free & that the races I take apart in improve my fitness & also excite people to continue to sponsor me.


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