Thursday, 10 March 2011

RNLI Reindeer Run 6/03/11 Dudley Zoo & Castle

First race of year, like a little boy at Christmas was far too hyper to sleep. (This would come to bite me on the ass during the race) Eventually hit the sack at 3am.
I Managed to drag myself out of bed & fuelled up with bagel & peanut butter. (I will love the food company who can bring out fat free peanut butter)

On the way to the race, I’d searched through my cd collection for something different, dragging out Deep Heat 5 (1990) a bit of 20 seconds to comply by Silver Bullet  to get me in the mood.

Upon arrival we were presented with our own Antlers & flashing Red nose (well it was the reindeer run). We all went through a quick warm up from a couple of military lads. & we were off. I think due to the lack of sleep, I must have thought I was doing the 5k run, as my pace was faster than I usually run, This became apparent when I hit the first mile. I knew it was going to be tough.

 The first section of the course takes you out side the Zoo’s main grounds on to scrub land running along a very muddy track, across the car park & back onto the grounds.
We then hit the “HILL” which I tried to battle, with the late night & early quick pace. I was zapped. My legs were on fire, even seeing an old guy pass me, didn’t muster my determination. The top of the hill saw us directed back around the castle to start the second lap.
With the Chemical Brothers Hey Girl Hey Boy blasting in my headphones I was off again. Only one more lap, I would be done, the first task on my fundraising goal achieved.
Remember never make comments about things, they always come back to haunt you. (At work on Friday discussing running with my colleague, she comment about getting stitch. “Oh I never get stitch”) BANG massive stitch, even seeing a runner in front of me wearing a Wolves shirt (I’m a West Bromwich Albion fan) couldn’t get me to do more than a brisk walk. My friends had passed me by, which whilst never outwardly competitive. Inwardly ALWAYS!!! I could see the “Wolves” runner up ahead. So set off again, back up the hill which felt like going up Everest. I then heard a steward say “second time around carry on, not around the castle as before, straight on. Nearly there I could feel it in my bones. Running along side Batman, my pace was nice & steady no pain. Under the castle's gates we went. I could see the finish time & the clock 50 mins a PB for me I was elated. (I’d even beat the Wolves runner)
Congratulating my fellow runners, looking at my winner’s medal.  I checked my watch Garmin forerunner 50 (I calibrated it earlier in the week on the University track) this showed Just over five half miles ran. Even the Endomondo app on my phone was showing I was short. (Though the satellite is sometimes well off) My mind started racing had I ran the correct distance or should I have gone around the castle again. Knowing that 50mins for 10k was an increase in my PB. My concerns grew. Even more so when my friend who had passed me turned up 5 minutes later. Feeling guilty that I’d not completed the whole 10k (As I was running for charity didn’t feel it was right)
So finding out that YES I should of gone around the castle then to the finish line I set off to complete the final task.
Stitch & 6 minutes later I crossed the finish line AGAIN! Annoyed that I could have completed it in a PB, but at least I’d completed the 10k & marked off my first race of the year! I even treated myself to a KFC for being a good boy.
NOW, Where we going next?

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