Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The pleasure of running!

Sun 27th
Having been out for a couple of weeks with shin splints, this week has been the first time I’ve put my trainers back on.  How weird how much you miss the thing that usually causes you pain & aches.  So looking forward to a run today was top of my agenda. Especially after the breakfast I had.  
Tonight I decided on a different route, wanting to keep off the roads to protect my shins. Not far from me is a nice canal route. So listening to the Blues, Arsenal game on the radio , I set out, Running  along the  towpaths.

When you don’t know where your going or where you’ll end up is pretty liberating as your minds not at the finish line, if you don’t know where you’ll finish you don’t know what time, so you stop worrying about it. (My in runs are the worst, when I know I’m close to home! The tiredness creeps in. ! Also with lovely peaceful views,

I finished clocked just under 5 miles in 50mins 05sec. Which i'm happy with as i did walk a few times and stopped to take these pictures. I think this route will be one of my favourites. I'm looking forward to running it again and to follow it further.

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