Tuesday, 29 March 2011

March Hair Raiser 2011

Last year my big race was the Wolverhampton Half Marathon (September 10) I hadn’t followed any training programme all I did was increased the miles I ran. I clocked in a time of 2:09.  I was extremely happy with this result, more than that, overjoyed!  As I’d also never ran that far without stopping.

Having close friends who have been diagnosed with Cancer, I decided to try and raise money for Macmillan nurses. As at the moment I’ve only got four races as definite, which if I want to raise more money, get fitter & faster. I want to run at least one race each month.
March 3rd I completed the reindeer run @ Dudley zoo, so looking for a race for the end of the money. The March Hair Raiser 2011 run came to my attention, (via a quick check on the runners world website)not getting the application in, meant that I’d have to turn up on the day & see if there was a place.
Bless British Summer Time, not only did I have to get up at 7:30 am (It was my lie in day) but I lost an hours sleep. The rave  was about 30 mins drive away. Feeling like a change I put on Def Leppard Hysteria album. (80’s classic rock)
Finding the place wasn’t a problem nor was registering. People were on the gates directing people to park & registration to 2 minutes.
Boy was it cold. I wished I'd worn long sleeves that morning. Looking around at the start it seemed that the majority of the runners were all attached to running clubs, (I did feel a little our of my depth, watching them all warming up with their nice watches & running tops) just before the start the jostling for position started, getting themselves set for the prime positions.

As the starters whistle went off everyone seemed to go off with a charge, I thought that I was running at my normal pace until I noticed that that my pace was 7’01 This isn’t my normal pace and I soon realised that I’d have to rethink my pace or I’d not be finishing or walking like I did at the reindeer run.  

The run was across farm land and as picturesque as it was. It was very uneven and luckily not wet,  had it of rained we would have been talking about an extremly different race.  I always feel tired on morning runs as I seem not to be able to get my hydration right, even though I’d been drinking since waking up. Miles 1-4 went OK, but from then it got tough as I felt tired/dehydrated mile 5 was tougher as it was a cut up track so keeping a nice steady pace was difficult. I had to make a couple of stops at the 5 mile point to get some lucozade sport down my neck.

Passing the mud track the ground became easier to run on, which was a good thing as it was an uphill section.  I’d been passed by a guy who was about 10 years older than me & a few stone heavier, this gave me the motivation to increase my pace. Knowing the end wasn’t too far away kept me going. Passing the 6 mile marker I could see the flags & finish marker ahead. Why is it all the finish lines are uphill!!! Oh that hill felt like it would never end. I so wanted to stop, you just couldn’t as everyone was waiting & watching. (I have never felt like hurling after a race until then)

To the victor go the spoils

 Crossing the line in 0:56:10 a PB for me & fully completed 10k done (See Reindeer run Blog) dusted & a Morph Scarf (Multifunctional headband, mask, and sweatband) as my prize.  
Though the  official time was 0:56:16   I'm happy at finishing 127 out 201 (the winner finished in 0:35:01)http://www.wolvesandbilstonac.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/march-hair-raiser-2011.pdf

It was also good to see Brian Smith there, as it's always nice to see pictures of yourself looking haggard as you cross the line.

Here’s hoping for more races, no injuries, more PB’s & loads of sponsorship.

I am smiling
Now to look for other races in April & May before the Aldridge 10k in June.

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